Considering a New Sink? Try a Vessel Sink

If you’ve been out to a restaurant lately or gone to a recently built theater or club, you may have come across what looks like a large glass bowl standing on top of a panel in the restroom under a faucet with a drain in it. You have come across your first vessel sink. These are some of the newest designs in recent years for bathroom furnishings and as such, may seem different at first. Here is a small guide to what a vessel sink is and why you may consider one for your own bathroom.

Vessel Sinks Offer an Aesthetic Overhaul

The large bowl or box-shaped water basins sit above on the countertop, where traditional sinks are recessed inward. For many people, these can provide a sleek, glamorous look to a vanity, as there is something to see both inside and outside the basin. They also can be made of a great many materials. There are stone vessel sinks, or a granite vessel sink, or a marble vessel sink. There are glass vessel sinks, ceramic vessel sinks. The list is almost endless. In studying the pros and cons of vessel sinks, they get top grades for just unique and beautiful visual appeal.

These Can Be Changed Easily

When it comes to matching a mood or just wanting a facelift on your vanity, a vessel sink moves easily out of the way to be replaced by another vessel sink. With an array of options other than material, such as color, texture and even size, finding the perfect sink has become far simpler and faster than having to dig out a traditional sink in order to change it.

Vessel Sinks Double the Cleaning

However, vessel sinks also have their negative points. Since both the undersurface and the inside of the bowl is exposed, that means both parts need cleaned and possibly on a more regular basis to cover things like fingerprints and smudges. They also can be prone to splashing, as since the water is not falling down into the sink bowl, it is closer to the source of the stream and thus flows at a faster rate.

Some Sinks Can Have Stability Issues

Because a vessel sink is sitting on top, rather than inside a recess, it is less anchored at the sides where the drain pipe is connected. Especially with younger children, if they end up pulling themselves up and the sink isn’t properly installed, it could cause the bowl to tip or break. A small recess in the counter can help counter this issue.

Vessel sinks are the newer options when it comes to home decor and can be a fantastic addition to giving a bathroom a more stylish, modern and pleasant look.


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